a dirty cops, that doesnt like black people
a cop pulling people over for being black, the whoop whoops are in the corner
by juantin May 24, 2006
Usually a member of the Juggalo/Psychopathic family will use this as a welcome, calling "whoop whoop" to another Juggalo/lette.
Call whoop whoop! and you'll get one back from anyone that considers themselves family
by Hatchet Baby March 31, 2011
Warning of an unaccaptable turn of conversation.
Whoop Whoop! BORING ALERT!

Not to be confused with KRS1's 'WHOOP WHOOP Dat's da sound a da police'

by ODDBALLS January 19, 2007
A word used by people in the underground gay Chinese scene in mainland China. Used in discretion to signify attraction in the man/woman the same sex man/woman sees. Used so people in the homophobic culture do not discriminate.
Whoop Whoop
by Xao Ming-Seng August 01, 2011
when a juggalo wants his ass whooped he/she what ever the fuck it is, will scream Whoop Whoop!
Juggalo: Whoop Whoop
Hank Hill: Im gonna kick your ass
by supercoven May 09, 2010
a warning to street racers of aproaching patrol cars
"Whoop, Whoop" "go man go, clear out!"
by Derek November 05, 2003
crazy assed underground party in london. The cry of Whoop Whoop can be heard coming from the lesser spotted Ricky Whoop Whoop when he is on one
I went to a slammin Whoop Whoop party last night
by Anonymous October 08, 2003

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