a dirty cops, that doesnt like black people
a cop pulling people over for being black, the whoop whoops are in the corner
by juantin May 24, 2006
The mating call of a juggalo who wants gay anal sex at the Gathering.
Want to head out to the bathrooms homie? Whoop whoop
by richard mongler May 06, 2014
The sounds of the faggotry that is ICP. Juggalo's Juggalette's and all other JuggaPussy's seem to convey this message to mean What's Up. But in reality it's dumb and makes you want to punch them in the fucking throat. They say it to sound cool when talking to their friends because other than saying that and drinking Faygo, they have no life. Faygo for the Faygo's.
JuggaPussy: Whoop Whoop!
JuggaCunt: Whoop Whoop! Where dayt Faygo ayt? All bout dat Moon Mist.

Other 99% of the population who isn't completely fucking stupid and listens to real music: Go fuck yourself before I punch you in the throat.
by JuggaBitch Hater. January 30, 2011
A word used by people in the underground gay Chinese scene in mainland China. Used in discretion to signify attraction in the man/woman the same sex man/woman sees. Used so people in the homophobic culture do not discriminate.
Whoop Whoop
by Xao Ming-Seng August 01, 2011
when a juggalo wants his ass whooped he/she what ever the fuck it is, will scream Whoop Whoop!
Juggalo: Whoop Whoop
Hank Hill: Im gonna kick your ass
by supercoven May 09, 2010
a warning to street racers of aproaching patrol cars
"Whoop, Whoop" "go man go, clear out!"
by Derek November 05, 2003
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