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This is a term used for when the girl has the nasty, rotten, dirty, blistery, gunky, tilted sided, moldy bumps with the yellow gunk oozin' out the tip of the fresh cut blistery bumps until the pouch erupts leading to crusty bumps, so crusty and dirty that the whole sack explods and bursts with fluids shooting out like a fire hydrant out her tilted orgasm.
JONATHAN: "Mmm girls, Ya'll lookin mighty fine this bout lettin me know if ya'll got da ready or dem naassty whoop pussys"
GINA AND BETH: "naw naw naw...we aint got no whoop pussys... we got dem ready, clean, purfect, procked and shaved pussys"
by Brandon Wright July 14, 2006
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