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An insult for a promiscuous woman. A combination of whore and hooker.
That girl looks like a silly whooker, I heard her say "the answer is always yes" in reference to her sexual adventures.
by that's what's uuuuup April 27, 2011
a whooker is an underpaid prositute and may even be asked to pay for sex at times
Pimp: Bitch your such a whooker ive lost 70 bucks this month
Bitch : sorry but, i keep having to pay them
by Pimp with a whooker January 27, 2011
Combination of the words "wannabe" and "hooker".

1. Someone who acts or talks dirty like a hooker. someone who hits on everyone.

2. A hooker who doesn't give real good pleause.
Alex "You see Jodi, man? She's a whooker, talking dirty to all my friends"

Brad "yea, I ain't surprised. But whe nit comes to sex, i heard she actually does it real shitty."
by benbot87 October 25, 2007
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