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a term of excitement, esp when beating death.
Whoo! What I tell you Kevin, huh?
by privates October 26, 2007
What is said when one has something amazing or scary happen to them.


(Eh hehe)
by Marko Ballantyne August 07, 2004
a term used to tell people who the hell is boss around the house ,dammit! THIS WORD IS MAINLY USED IN A LOUD TONE IN A DISFUNCTIONAL HOUSE HOLD.
sister: i wana a effin pony dad. give me a damn pony.
dad: whoo

sister: OK
by 2YR POLLL DANCER July 26, 2009
it is any subject of the sentance that you want it to be as long as it is used in replace of something sexual.
Wanna go whoo?
I would whoo that.
Look at my whoo!!
by Shane Farley November 02, 2007
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