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1. prop n. .qp. Makaveli-N
2. ind. clause, slang. A term meaning everything and nothing; a phrase applicable to any context.
3. n., interject., art., conjunc. prep. n.b. it can refer to a specific individual (cf 1.), an impending situation, a current circumstance, a past experience, or a shift in thought (q.v. example 3).
4. n. An amusing but slightly depressing situation which reveals an individual's dramatic incompetence in spelling, grammar, and/or overall thought processes.
1. Nx^ Makaveli(TEAM): who my ping
2. "whomyping?" "youmyping!"
3. "Are we playing against whomyping tonight?!"; "whomypub?"; "whomysupfraggles?"; "whomyWoM"; "anywhomyping"
4. Nx^ Makaveli(TEAM): huys lol thata royalassasin guy is a known to ahev cheats on hsi comp you know Nx^ Makaveli(TEAM): thankg od for my Nx^ Makaveli(TEAM): nemsis clock
by oheyacal April 07, 2003
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