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similar to puttin' it on 'em.

lettin' 'em have it.

conquering all.
You got your ass whomped.

We are out here whompin' 'em.

Straight up whompum.
by Sir Awesome November 01, 2007
n. whompum, v. to make whompum

this poo has more to do with taking a wet dump when one is hungover. it can also be a massive exercise of "dropping your demons" after a cheesestake or spicy enchiladas. Sometimes, whompums are similar to Study Butt which is a nasty combination of caffeine, stress, and no sleep. Whompum used to be used as a San Franciscan currency.

from the Apache word of WHOMPOMM
Bear Claw wanted to make whompum very much. But squaw, Dances with Diarrhea, was in his teepee. So he pinched it off. Last of the Mylanta was nearby and she cried a tear of sorrow.
by Hunter N 4 May 15, 2007
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