decorate to decorate something gaudily or with taste. Depending on its usage whomp can either be derogatory (past tense) or complimentary
derogatory: "Miss thang has whomped that house with so much brick-a-brack you can't even move in there!"
complementary: "this place could be fabulous! You could whomp the fuck out of it!"
by stephen phillips May 22, 2007
An idiot or dumbass.
It came from my teacher whos from france
That fat girl looks good

What a Whomp
by Alex February 16, 2005
to peirce someone's lung through oral entery, almost always with a penis.
come over thursday night if you want to get whomped.
by chrisb February 17, 2004
see whomps
by Cait Sith Cat December 14, 2002
what you hear after u inhale dust off spray, a high pitched noise that soudns literaly like "Whomp whomp whomp whmop whomp whomp" at this point ur head feels like its in the clouds from being so lightheaded
"Yo nigga i juzz dusted with those sluts and i bugged out from those whomps in my head,and im mad fuckin lightheaded"

"Word dust off gives u the gnarliest whomps"
by duster666 March 17, 2009
To Suck extremely
Yo fool mwhy you all up in my grill
This whomps
by Da shorty January 23, 2003

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