this word can be used in a number of ways. as a noun, a verb, or an adjective. take any word out of a sentence and this word is guaranteed to replace it.
you're whompin' me on

whomp you!
by samole April 04, 2009
the word of endless possibilities. can be used in any point of life and is recommended for the best of times.

you may learn more about this word in the well known class of whomp theory.
"I love your smile, it is whompin!"
by uhmm uhh yess February 20, 2010
to bodysurf in big, closed-out, heavy waves
Let's go whomping.

There were some whompers out there today!

I got whomped on that one.
by Yield October 13, 2008
A versatile word that can be used in multiple grammar forms. Generally used to signify something bad that has happened to someone. It is an amalgamation of "shit!" and "that sucks". It is used primarily as an interjection or verb.
A: "How has your day gone?"
B: "Ugh, so many things have gone wrong today. Whomp on my life."

A: "...and then her mom told her she wasn't actually Native American, but actually black and that she had essentially spent her entire life so far thinking she was the wrong race. Can you believe that her mom just dropped a bomb on her like that?"
B: "Hahaha WHOMP!"
by NU Token June 05, 2006
to be so high that a person cannot make complete sentences
nobody could understand pat becuase he just smoked 7 blunts and is whomp.
by jd8973 March 24, 2010
The act of a boyfriend cupping his lips somewhere on you (probably your face) and slobbering while saying "whomp!"

Usually followed by saying "ew! no whomping!"
"ew! you slobbered all over my face!! no whomping!"
by Ms Bwinny February 22, 2010
a word used when a situation is awkward, or when you have nothing else to say
frank- "man i fucked your papa last night, then i killed your dog.."
by we..are..MORSAS November 30, 2009
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