The expression used when witnessing an epic failure.
Girl walking around with her bump-it showing through her hair.

Guy approaches girl at the bar, and offers to buy her a drink. He looks closer and sees that she has a snaggle tooth.


You thought the movie started at 3, but it started at 2.

by HeyVixHey February 27, 2012
Whomp has many meanings.

1st " this sucks , boo , this bones , shitty , shit happens" etc

and 2nd " hell yeah bitch"

depending on context

i woke up and my shoes were gone. whomp

all the bitches love me. whomp
by sal galifiankis November 16, 2011
usually used in a sarcastic tone, this word can be used to describe something that is boring or wack. It can also be used to describe most awkward situations and/or instead of the word "FAIL"
My date last night was extra whomp
by sams555 March 31, 2011
A word used by Twister's brother from Rocket Power which supposedly meant to beat up... I think we're all a little smarter than that.

Proceeds to bring Twister home and rape him with a merciless and inhuman passion.
by emergay May 18, 2010
v. For to beat someone harshly or hit a person very hard
Most often used as a threat to others.
Pronounced (wump)

Often referred as "the whomp"
Most often used: "I will give you the whomp!"
Created By My Dear Friend,
Kyle Hanf
Person 1: Haha your a nerd that can't get a girl!

Person 2: Watch it man or else I will give you the whomp.
by Emo loves chu February 15, 2011
To perform oral self on another.
Used in a derogatory sense.

Interchangeable with "suck my dick" or "blow me."

Derived from the enemy in Mario bros. series. These characters fall face first, similar to when a man receives oral sex from someone else.
Example 1:
Person 1:"You suck at this game."
Person 2:"You can whomp, bitch!!!"
by JoeyJuxtapose February 14, 2011
The action of being extremely high on ketamine. May be used as a verb, adjective or noun.
Al and Ozer were sooo whomped the other day they broke the coffee table then fell on the floor and didn't get up.
by the_pile November 06, 2010

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