the sound of the bass or melody in electronic funk music.

The good times you have with lovely people at a music gathering that promotes good vibes and good times.

A Funk music festival created by The Electrofunk Collective.

The dish whompbo was created by The Electrofunk collective during preparation for the Music festival whomp (potatoes, onion, sausages, and paprika, cooked in a cast iron pot over an open fire.
whomptastic, whompin good time, whomp around the outside, whomp like a Reebok, Whomp it up,
by The Electrofunkers July 17, 2012
Whomp also comes from the late night TV show "Showtime at the Apollo" where contestants compete in a talent competition. When people suck, a guy tap dances them off the stage and the audience yells, "Whomp Whomp!! Whomp Whomp!!"

You can also use just one whomp.

whompity: the adjetive to describe things that deserve a hearty "whomp, whomp"
"man, i have to go do my homework"

"cleaning toilets is probably the whompitiest job ever."
by coolerkid October 13, 2005
A big fat woman that serves no purpose , can't cook ,too ugly for sex and is absolutely no craic at all!
Hey can I invite Jenny over for the party ?
by Beavish007 September 24, 2012
whomp can be described for the feeling and sound you hear on many differnt kinds of drugs such as K also known as speical K or ketamine. another drug its used to describe is nitrous oxide. these drugs are mostly used at raves and you'll hear the word whomp come out of many people's mouths at a rave
"all i hear is whomp whomp whomp"

"dude gimme some of that whomp"
by emily rose b February 10, 2010
A "whomp" is an intense and overwhelming feeling of jealousy that hits like a truck. Such Whomps typically last from a few hours to a few days, and are accompanied by emotional and physical symptoms such as; depression, hopelessness, stomach aches, possessiveness, headaches, emotional instability, fatigue, emotional disconnection, lowered self-esteem, anhedonia, and many others.
Last week, I had two Whomps. Being in the middle of a Whomp feels shitty.
by joanofsnark January 09, 2013
verb (used with object)
to defeat (a person, opposing team, etc.) decisively
to slap or strike
We whomped the visiting team.

We whomped the visiting team.
by whomp079 January 02, 2012
if something bad happens.
"I just got into a car accident"

"aw dude, that whomps".
by dw2209 September 06, 2008
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