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A throbbing erection.
After taking 6 viagra and injecting cocaine directly into my penis, I had a whomper for 9 hours.
by MilitantLezbian July 01, 2009
Slang for bass speaker(s), usually installed in cars occupied by angst-filled youth. Dubbed "whomper" due to the constant "whomp whomp" noise heard by everyone within a 10 mile radius of said car.
Not to be confused with "whopper"
by Miss Take December 16, 2003
Large tits that you put your face inbetween and shake your head back and forth really really fast.
Bob "then i put my face between them whompers and you know... it was great"
by leethal August 06, 2003
The sail used in wind to win the americas cup back from austrail
Crew :Why is it called the whomper
:When the wind catch it is goes whomp
by sailor314159 June 28, 2009
A cloddish person who is aware of their unsophisticated and crass manner, but who takes great pains to display their uncouth affectations with an unwarranted sense of pride.

Used to describe a person like a bumpkin, but without regard to their geographical location or origin such as hillbilly.

You can take the whomper out of the trailer court, but you can't take the trailer court out of the whomper.

Could that whomper get any more laundry baskets worth of crap into the back of that 78 Impala?
by lauramae August 17, 2007
a well structured nose.
nostrils are in perfect postion
no boogers coming out.
"did you get your nose done?"
"oh. you have a naturally nice whomper"
by jambamarker August 29, 2008
Automotive accessory installed by very stupid, anti-social, greasy-haired Pachuco boys in their cars. They do this for two reasons. First, it annoys decent people. Second, it will make them deaf as a post, and liberal politicians can offer Pachukes yet another entitlement, free hearing aids paid for by YOU and YOUR taxes.
The greasy-haired Pachuco cruised through the neighborhood with his whompers blasting.
by Bumkicker Slade April 24, 2005
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