A whomp whomp is when someone takes a compressed air can, like the ones used to clean the dust out of computers, and shoots the air into the mouth to get a "high". A good way to kill brain cells
Joe: "What'd you do last night, Rob?"
Rob: "Whomp whomps. That shit was so cash. I got high in less than two pumps. My head hurts like a bitch, though."
by RakanishuOwns November 18, 2009
Top Definition
The sound effect made following an utterly disastrous attempt at humor.
Q.What do you call a guy with a bad case of jock-itch?
me. I don't really care
A. A fungi(guy)

ME. WHOMP WHOMP ......kill yourself.

Made Popular by the Infamous Josh Litt after his encounters will a Mr. Bill Roher
by jlitt May 09, 2008
Super raunchy dub-step musicians, who often use the distorted "whomp" bass sound.
Datsik, Excision, DJ Crissy Cris
"Whomp-whomp, whom whom-whomp WIGGY-WIGGY-WIGGY-WIGGY"
by bramdib91 December 09, 2009
1. Anything good.

2. Something awesome.

1. I gave him a whomp whomp last night.

2. I got bit on the whomp whomp!

3. That's a whomp whomp!
by Ninja Guitarist September 16, 2009
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