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(n.) plural-whombi. A ball-sack without a penis (nuts without a dick). This can be found in cancer patients or a loser who are not cool enough to have an extra appendage, or an idiot who chopped his dick off. A whombus can also be referred to as a flying whombus, due to its close resemblance of the flying wombat animal. A reverse whombus would then be a penis with no nut-sack. A whombus is a highly hilarious deformity that should be used against a whombus owner regularly. Notable historical figures such as GWB and John Humphrey Noyes were credited with having whombi.
Bret:"Dude, that guy walks a little funny."
Matt:"That's because he has a whombus, dipshit."
Bret:" Is it a flying whombus?"
Matt:"Yes, dipshit."
by Mr. Whombus 69 March 27, 2012
An awkward animal that walks only uphill in a straddle position without bending it's kness while it's arms sway side to side and strange angles.
They move in packs, most often packs of 6.
Height ranges from 4'11" to 6'3".
Did you see that huge whombus over there?
by TheCowNoShittt October 07, 2008
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