a simple and useful word that, like the adverb, baffles the americans.
From whom did Saddam get his WMDs?
by Our-Man-In-Nantucket January 29, 2004
Top Definition
A word totally misused by teachers and other school administration who want to parade their 'knowledge' in front of anyone and everyone that is unfortunately unable to block out the barrage of nonsense.
Teacher: *Whom* is using the pencil sharpener?

Me: Um...that's wrong

Teacher: Shut up! Whom is the teacher here, may I ask?
by Angelacia June 19, 2007
What an educated owl says.
An owl says "Who".
An educated owl says "Whom".
by Loadmaster July 29, 2004
n. (objective case of who) A word commonly abused by idiots.

I bet if you had to indite a sentence using who and whom correctly, you'd fail.
Correct: Who killed whom?
by Pandemoniac January 19, 2004
Follows as the object of a preposition. Often used by idiots to intimidate other idiots.
Dude: Man you gotta check out this kick-ass track!

Second Dude: By whom?

Dude: Uhhhhhhh... You lost me.
by Muggy Lumpus April 04, 2004
meaning who or what are you saying
whom? did you say?
by smithcaitlinriley July 03, 2009
Pronoun. A contraction for "who him?". Appropriate for most situations where one must choose between the words who and whom and risk possible grammatical embarrassment.
by You mean who'm am I March 04, 2012
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