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A whore that is also a slut, i.e. someone who not only dresses like a stripper, but is as experienced as one in bed.
Karen: Oh my God did you see how she's dressed? You can see everything!

Stacey: I also heard she's like some sex-ed teacher.

Karen: What a wholut.
by Yummmmmmm July 13, 2008
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Pronounced Whoo-Lut, although some other pronunciations are Ho-Loot among others.
Means a girl who dresses like a slut, but has the experience of a whore.
Girl 1: God, look at Michelle, you can soo see her boobs in that dress!
Girl 2: Yeah, I hear she's a wholut
Girl 1: Oh em gee, yes, she so is a wholut! I heard she was working the streets last night
by JennaRinkJennaRink November 16, 2008

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