When you think it's a woman, then soon realize it's a man
"WHOA! Man..."
by Christy February 12, 2003
Top Definition
A ugly woman/man who is so ugly it is impossible to see the difference in genders such as male/female/sea biscuit etc.

Miley cyrus is a whoa man
Person #1: have you seen Sharkwiesha she is ugly as hell
Person #2: i know

Sharkwiesha (in a masculin voice): hey do you guys want to see my paginis
Person #1: hell no!
Person #2: bruh she is such a whoa man
by Killnarnar February 08, 2015
Whoa! woman of extroardinary beauty, your response has to be "whoa" at first sight.
What a whoaman! whoa whoa whoa
by SmartyPantz April 03, 2007
1. An impressive woman.
2. An utterance by males who see an impressive woman.
3. An utterance by males and/or females who see an impressive woman and then realize that it is not a woman.
1. Did you see that? Now that right there is a whoa-man!
2. Whoa-man! Goddamn!
3. Wait a minute... whoa, man.
by Cricket710 September 12, 2006
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