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1. when said with a confused facial expression: signifies a reaction of discontent, utter confusion, or shock to a statment made

2. when last whoa is elongated: expresses opposition to a previous remark, and implies a call for debate on the topic

3. often used as a response filler before attempting to calm an individual down
A: "so then she said she wanted to tie me up before she--"
B: "whoa whoa whoa, can we NOT talk about that?"

A: "Just because NorCal is better than SoCal"
B: "whoa whoa whoooooaaa, excuse you"

A: "I think you're lying, you can't be Indian"
B: "whoa whoa whoa, calm down there buddy"
by leeeessah November 15, 2006
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when you see something appealing and you cant breath.
look at that nogger!whoawhoawhoa! i cant breath, listen to my music!
by ushani July 29, 2003
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