a greeting or farewell
whoa what up dawg
by Ecco April 14, 2003
who what?
you must tell the devil who you must tell the devil ...
by Bonn /Germany visit our city! January 19, 2003
The word most often uttered when slackjawed.
... and not does she bag he slackjawed, but he lets a "Whoa" slip out.
by brave_little_dot November 21, 2002
Whore House Of America
I work at WHOA and a really hot guy felt me up lastnight..
by cjo795 January 25, 2008
something that is out of this world, phat, unusal, and intriquing.
freaky hairstyle=WHOA
a blue tommy hat with a blue bomber jacket with a light jean mini skirt and sky blue leg warmers and the melonoblancs in Diesel=WHOA
by krystal December 08, 2003
WhOa as in wow jsut the better slang way
wHoa that car is fast
whOa lok at dat man!
by Nitrous June 09, 2003
a short term for whoaday
by wanksta April 15, 2003
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