this is when a gang of individuals are joking and laughing and one of them goes too far within a certain the "leader" of the gang tells them to "slow their role" by shouting out "whoa!"
whoa! that joke is whacker than yo daddys hair piece
by magical_trevor April 20, 2006
Word that describes really amazing oral sex or head given by a female to a male.
Hey Tony, come over my house tonight and I'll give you some whoa!

Oh man Jackie, that was some awesome woah!
by LBomb25 August 25, 2008
The general term used by THE PIC to express whatever he is feeling.
Hey PIC ur old.
He would respond with Whoaaaa!!!!!
by TabbeyBonney January 23, 2007
any amount of money one posseses
Billy just got mad whoa. you got any whoa i can borrow?
by 1/2 of team en-lu October 19, 2005
One word greeting used between friends ot used to announce arrival.
Person 1.Whoa!
Person 1. Whoa fool
by Steve Wills September 07, 2004
A word used when someone says something and its clear they have no idea what they just said.
a: Yo whats up halla?
b: <<<<is like whoa
by Leea May 02, 2004
A command to hold up or stop.
Whoa, bazooka breath, I'm not taking any complaints today.
by harry flashman July 26, 2003
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