When one extremely gets excited and is overwhelmed with a pant full of shit and yells.
That nigga Tre was like Whoa! when he seen his schedule.
by David Bromang. August 31, 2008
a whore but, said whith a thick north east coast accent
look at those who'as
by vinnie babini September 26, 2006
Like saying whats up or whats going on with u
Every time i call my peps on the phone my first word to them is WHOA! they say WHOA back and then tell me whats up!!And if u say WHOA! in a long way u showing thatur excited and if u say it quick and depressing u showing that ur sad but @t the same time seeing whats up wit the next person......
by Lakree January 10, 2011
Something that's awesome.
Those shoes are whoa!
by Mimi January 22, 2003
Anything That You See That Can Be Considered Ill
Look At That Nigga Wit The Escalade At The Curb, That Shit Is Like Whoa!
by MetalLui91 August 20, 2009
-sum crazy shit just happened
-tryna get at a bad bitch
-gettin ya rouns attention
whoaa, lil momma gotta donk..

whoaa nigga! wat tha fuck
by d-mane April 16, 2008
the same as woah
whoa is said (or more, shouted) when one sees an attractive person/persons
gabe: Hey flea check out that hottie !!
flea: whoa .... WHOA .... WWWWWHHHHHOOOOOAAAAA!!! *faints*
by gabe hicks January 25, 2008
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