A word used at times when anything surprising comes up
#1: Hey, I just got a nose ring! Whoa! #2: Jimmy... I'm pregnant. Whoa!!!
by L33tM3 April 29, 2012
Exclamation occasionally uttered by Sal, the surly lazy guy from Futurama, who has a habit of pluralising singular nouns.

Variation/plural of whoa.
Look outs! Whoas! Cripe!
by Scruffy, the Janitor. August 28, 2010
Word invented by participants in the sport of curling. Said when the stone is going blazingly fast or incredibly slow so they have to sweep the hell out of the ice to make it go faster.
Whoa, whoa, sweep! Sweep! Whoa!
by TallDreamyCurler February 20, 2010
A supper hot girl to hot to express so you just say Whoa
"Thats such a whoa"
"To hot she must be a whoa"
by Boltz5443 May 29, 2012
Pronunciation: (Who- uh)


Example 1. Wow look at the "Who-a", She's sucking all of your friends dicks behind your back. i'm surprised she didn't get her stomach pumped from all of the seman she swallows.

Example 2. Oh don't worry, i'm sure you can get with her, she's such a "who-a."

Example 3. What a "Who-a!"

Example 4. Where the 'Who-a's" at?

Example 5. Bitch you's a who-a.
by Nicky Loucifer October 06, 2011
a whore but, said whith a thick north east coast accent
look at those who'as
by vinnie babini September 26, 2006
The incorrect spelling of "Woah" Uses while in shock
Whoa Dude!
I believe you mean "Woah"
Oh yeah, my bad.
by ARoomKey August 25, 2011

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