Said by the character Joey from the failed sitcom Blossom whenever he saw or experienced something unbelievable.
Blossom: Joey, Six has a thing for you.
Joey: Whoa!
by kidgorgeous21 May 15, 2003
a word that is used in the movie Finding Nemo.
"You were like WHOA! and then we were like WHOOOA! and then you were like whooa..."
by Thrashmeister November 10, 2004
A fairly simplistic word that is difficult to spell while stoned.
Woah, dude I can't figure this shit out...whoa
by 156bakedashellll September 04, 2011
Something people say to express a strong emotion or sensation. Sometimes people use it casually add it to the beginning of the sentence.
Whoa guys look at that tree.
by lllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaa December 03, 2011
A: Word which expresses shock, surprise, not-expecting-that,

B: An overused word in songs, like the word babe and baby.
(not to be confused with Justin Biebers "Baby")

WHOA that was so totally RAD man!

whoa baby...
by PopNotes January 16, 2011
An alternative adjective used for describing mya’s love towards her “boo”. Evidently she could not bother to look up another adjective in a thesaurus so she could further explain the adjective “whoa”. So from now on all we will all be in be in an unsure state of mind because the word who will forever just be explained as simply “whoa”
my love is like whoa
by XOmereXO June 28, 2005
Whoa. Like, "Whoa, hold on there."
by Alice Beals May 01, 2003
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