who is that
whodat over there?
by jessika October 24, 2003
who is dat
whodat at da doo'
by pol October 23, 2003
a complete and utter disregard for proper english and respect to the National Football League and its teams. The full phrase is "Who dat said dey gonna beat dem saints?" Its is mostly used by africans and uneducated white folk due to its broken and ebonized dialect.
I believe "Who Dat?" should be banned from the NFL.
by Falconsfan1017 April 11, 2010
who teh fuck is dats
by jing October 25, 2003
A question of identity. Who is that or who's there?
*someone knocks on a door*
Mere: Whodat?
Meelee: Girl, it's me, meelee, let me in, biznatch!
by Meelee and Mere-mere October 24, 2003
When on the phone or at the door and asking the person on the other end..."who is there or who am I speaking with"
T-Dogg gets a call at 2am and picks up the phone and asks "Whodat callin me at fo in da mo'nin'??"
by Anonymous October 23, 2003
a term used to seek clarification about another person's identity.
Jahidi is engaged in sexual relations with Kacia. His wife, tanisha, walks in and says "Whodat?" *that is before she pulls out a revolver and puts a cap in both of they're asses*
by podody's nerfect October 30, 2003

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