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First popularized by Kojak, the 1970s TV character, this expression is now a signature line of Christoph's. The correct answer ("You do!") is implied; thus no response is necessary. The expression can be used in a variety of situations. A few common usages include: a response to a complement, a greeting, an affirmation, an expression of excitement. Be careful if you say it to your girlfriend/mistress because she might get the wrong idea.

Girl: Damn, that is a nice jacket. You look hot in it.
Christoph: Who loves ya baby!
Girl: Wow, you have an amazing six pack.
Christoph: Who loves ya baby!
Girl: You always leave me smiling and satisfied.
Christoph: Who loves ya baby!
Guy: Ready to drink some fraternity sodas tonight?
Christoph: Who loves ya baby!
by Count Christoph von Stoph-Stopherson September 24, 2007
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