a white nizzle
by ted May 23, 2003
Verb form of whizz meaning to urinate.

Before we go to the bar I gots to whizzle, the lines are way to long once we get there.
by pgiggles February 08, 2008
see wheezy
DAMN foo he be a whizzle.
by sumbezzle February 13, 2003
The slang term for Whidbey Island, Washington. Although chances are you've never heard of the island it is the biggest non-man made island in the US.
I'm from the Whizzle. SWHS is on the Whizzle. There's a navy base on the Whizzle
by axldance3000 September 14, 2005
whizzle mean where
whizzle you at?
by emilay March 28, 2004

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