to create something that is completely school appropriate
Spanky: Look at my prom's full of sex and violence!
Stinker: Oh...I whittled my prom T-shirts.
by Dr. Dean March 30, 2006
Top Definition
a person who can handle large amounts of intoxicants and still hold thier ground...someone who is side by side with you in the trenches while you are fighting boredom....
Everyone was passed out ...thank god for whittle....
by whitlewolf penis November 04, 2010
- cut small bits or pare shavings from.
to whittle a piece of wood, to whittle a pencil, to whittle off
by Maxims June 04, 2007
The type of girl who takes your breath completely away.
She is completely perfect in any and every way and never fails to brighten up your day.

She is amazing, beautiful, smart, intelligent, sexy, witty- to name a few.
ManA: "daymmm. She is hot!"
ManB: "I know right! She is such a Whittle!" <3
by JoshyKeatz December 02, 2010
A short fat rotund man who will do anything they are told, a complete bitch.
Whittle, go put the coffee. You said you said you'd do it in 5 it's been 10 minutes.

A 'whittle' will immediately jump to and do it.
by rusty cannon April 03, 2009
The act of being rather unintelligent, while possibly drinking a beer and definitely smoking a marlboro menthol.

(or being a pothead father.)
Whittle SR.--- "Those damn mexicans, smoking reffer in our yard!!!!"
by CMAC044 August 19, 2008
To be a Whittle is to be the kindest, most thoughtfull, and most brilliant best friend ever. It can also mean you are very racist towards a certain asian person and will soon feel the wrath of said asian person
Asian guy: Did you see that?! Bipolar girl: Mate, you didn't see anything... Asian guy: I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE!! You pulled a Whittle
by Chinky_95 December 04, 2011
asian man who gets boners occasionally in a class full of guys
wow, that guy is such a whittle.
by Braswell March 06, 2008
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