One who witters incessant gibberish after consuming excessive amounts of caffeinated drinks.
That Kelly is such a whittard, I think we'd better hide the coffee.
by chungnut November 22, 2007
Top Definition
A polite and friendly term to describe a person with a mental or physical dysfunction. Usually found in groups licking windows. Can often be found in Wigan, Doncaster, Crewe, Primark, Poundland, Netto, Lidl and Bradistan.

Can often be found drooling, slavering and claiming state benefits. A wheelchair may also be present.

Person A: (Drooling) - "I like your new haircut"
Person B: (Normal) - "Shut the fuck up you whittard"

Person A: "My sister is easy"
Person B: "Can she run away?"
Person A: "No...She is a whittard"
by Steve jim and phil March 22, 2007
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