an absolute bitch that only cares about herself. she is a disappointment and if you ever meet one then stay the fuck away. her body is disgusting and makes me feel physically sick. she is the ugliest person i have ever met and i wish i could erase her from my life. her personality is actually disgraceful. if you ever meet meet a Whitney then run while you have the chance...
Whitney is a vile person
by unicorn4444 July 17, 2015
Another word used for cocaine.
"I got bobby by the pound, whitney by the key"
by ye ain't fresh as i is July 30, 2007
The last man to date a woman before she starts dating other women.

WHITNEY is an acronym for:
When Her Interest Thereupon Notably Ended: Yoni.
A: Was he the last guy she was with before she realized she was a lesbian?
B: Yeah, he was her whitney. (or: Yeah, he was a whitney.)
A: Didn't she used to date guys?
B: Yeah, but she got whitneyed.
by Brendon Katz-Jones September 15, 2010
Most Commonly a Rogers Girlfriend. Usually is Loyal and very Beautiful.
Whitney is my girlfriend, My name is Roger.
by rog! July 09, 2009
A girl who likes to watch hannah montana and loves the jonas brothers!!! kind of smells, but is also kind of cool! doesn't take many showers but has a really really really really amazing best friend!!!
friend: "Hey what do you want to watch?"
Whitney: "ohhh my goddd! hannah montana or jonas l.a.!!!!!"
by bestest friend1234444444 July 10, 2010
the ultimate buzz kill. comparable to "being a mikey"
that guy is being such a whitney right now
by hofstranomy April 10, 2010
crack cocaine; any substance that causes crazy/crack-like behavior
He on that whitney (he's on crack or he's acting like it)
by mimi45 May 25, 2006
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