A whitney is a beautiful and amazing person,a total party animal and a great girl to hang on to. She would be a best friend to anybody. She has an amazing body, and she is a real star at any sport or any competition in general. You wanna hold on to a whitney, its hard to find one like her.
Dang,whitney's BF is sure lucky.
2) Wow whitney is so beautiful and smart.
3) Man, that girl Whitney is so fine.
by lucy-ann April 07, 2011
A beautiful, sophisticated woman. She enjoys respect and cute jestures. Buy her flowers and chocolates and she'll be yours forever. She deserves attention and is generally good at everything. She seems innocent but has a dirty mind. Of course she's gorgeous as she often wins and accomplishes everything. She loves everything and everyone, but don't piss her off or you'll think the world is ending. Normally her hair and eyes are gorgeous and she is one damn fine friend. Enjoy her and give her lots of compliments, she forgives easily, but you should always forgive her too. Love her unconditionally, never lead her on. She has an adventurous soul, appreciate it.
You are lucky if you meet one.
Why is Whitney so gorgeous? I am nothing but jelous.
by wishuknew January 19, 2013
Whitney is the coolest, a lot cooler then Rhett!
by mickey burns August 18, 2010
One hell of a girl who is a know it all and has the biggest tits ever! And is very nice to everyone.
Whitney Houston
by Alex128 June 21, 2010
Whitney \wh(it)-ney\ as a girl's name is pronounced WHIT-nee. It is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Whitney is "white island".

Hottest girl you'll ever wish to get!
The girl who loves Turkish "Sucuk (Sausage)"!
Whitney Houston
by Hasan Korhan Ustunkaya March 30, 2011
Probably the best person you'll ever meet. It's normal for her to be good at almost everything. She's kind, funny, beautiful, loving... Definitely a keeper! A Whitney is definitely someone worth being stuck with for life.
I met the nicest person at tryouts, she's a total Whitney!
by Ohhdamn January 14, 2012
She's amazing. With her long dark hair and deep blue eyes your can't resist her. She's fun to be around, and knows how to make anyone laugh. Her smile is like a ray of sunshine. She's sweet, caring, loving, and many other things. No matter what, she will be there for you. So hold on tight to her, and never let her go.
I wish I had an amazing girl like Whitney.
by jjks28 July 19, 2011

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