clean classy and looks great without makeup!!!!!...
matt: i love whitney!

world: why....?

matt: well, she is clean, classy, and looks great without makeup !! brb gotta go write 600 more facebook statuses about how much i love her
by mattloveswhitney9inchdick December 28, 2010
The Perfect Woman, She is Beautiful, Smart, funny Sexy, and can make you smile whenever. She can make you laugh, or cry, or even make you cry tears of joy whenever. She can be crazy at times, but will almost always make everyone around her happy.
Person1: How was your date the other day?
Person2: Whitney is simply amazing, I have never been as happy as i was with her, I love her.
Person1: Sounds amazing
by HerYoshihehe June 21, 2011
The total party planner. Someone who takes control of a group, and who everyone wants to take control.

She is the life of the party, but at the same time, the total hostess for everyone, making sure they all have a blast.
"Hey, what do you want to do tonight? - I don't know, let's call Whitney and see what's going on."

"This party sucks! These people totally need a Whitney to get this thing going!"
by silly momma February 05, 2010
whitney is a beautiful girl who is really special and hard to find, often has gorgeous eyes and is really cute. She is special and doesnt come around often, she is loved by everyone even though she sometimes may not realize it. Overall she is just a great person.
Im so happy, i was just talking to Whitney.
by xavmoyss July 10, 2011
She is an amazing and beautiful girl inside and out even if she doesn't see it right now. She's so goofy and crazy in the most good way possible. Everyone loves her and enjoys her company. She can make anything fun really fast. She'll always make the best inside jokes and enjoys playing sports in general.
Girl 1: Wow, I wish I would have a friend like Whitney!
by sexaaaayygirllll September 25, 2011
The greatest person you will ever meet. A Whitney is kind, sweet, and caring. She will do anything for her friends. She has a heart of gold. You can tell her anything and she will give the best advice in the world. She would lay down her life for her best friends. She does anything she can to make someone smile when they are upset. A Whitney is one of the most awesome people you will ever meet. She extremly funny and does her own thing. She is completly and totaly accepting of who she is. Everyone needs a friend like Whitney.
How would we live without Whitney?
by Bailey Tucker October 17, 2012
A beautiful, crazy, & outspoken brunette. She loves God more than anything. Probably one of the bestfriends you'll ever have. All the guys are after her, but she's not a whore. She'll keep you laughing about every little thing. She's a blast to hang out with & the best twin & mother you'll meet. She'll do anything for you & she doesn't take crap. She Is basically the best friend anybody could ever have! If you know a Whitney your beyond lucky, I know I am.
Jack- "Dude, that girl is such a Whitney. She looks like she'd be a lot of fun to have around"
Danny- "Yeah, man. I went out with a girl last week. She was a total Whitney"
Jack- "Lucky!!"
by HML. July 07, 2011
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