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this is what the Whitman brothers do to each others buttholes before they go to the gay bar and have a texas butthole massacre. Always ending up in having to get a ride home in the Nissan Skyline because the younger brother has a plundered asshole he gets fucked in the butthole so much that his pink sock will never get any smaller because he has a fetish for butt fucking and the younger of the two likes to snortwalt whitman then give his older brother the New Jersey Coal Miner
hey bro we should go do the good old whitman stretch
before we go to get fist fucked at the gay bar. YOUR PINK SOCK IS GETTING SHIT EVERYWHERE all over my skyline. every body knows that the brothers drive around in a skyline are way to fucking cheap to even want to pay ever
by jc3poopskin October 08, 2011
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