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throwing up due to heavy alcohol consumption lol!
hey it aint a party without someone whiting in ur shoes !!

eww sick ben is whiting again!
by dlhfvsl;h October 08, 2006
49 19
Located somewhere in NJ. Many people do not know Whiting exists unless you are:
Old- You probably live in one of the 100 nursing/senior home
Living in Whiting- You dread waking up 5am to catch the bus, knowing that your neighbor lives 2 miles away from you and if you die no one will even know
A deer- you probably made 100000 Bambi's making the deer population worse and worse.
A pedophile- yes, we know pedophile run rampant in Whiting
A Partier- Woods Parties are everywhere
A Fireman- Occasional wood fires happen.
A druggie- Theres so much trees you can hide anywhere.

Whiting is 98% white, 99.9% old, 99.99% trees. If you drive through Whiting you will get lost. And if you have T-mobile you will not have signal there.
-OMG guess where I saw a pedophile peeking through window!?
- Whiting !

- Where do you live?
- What the hell is Whiting?
by xoxoxoBambixoxo August 15, 2010
12 10