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An all boys private school in the south east of England (Croydon), widely known for breeding the most unpleasant children for miles around. Past and present pupils often comment on the levels of homosexual activity within the school, including regular 'shower spankings' and 'soggy biscuit sessions' which they claim to have partaken in and thoroughly enjoyed 'almost daily'. Though this may be put down to their personalities making it very difficult to attract the opposite sex. Levels of intelligence are extremely low, though it is the tailored sense of entitlement and arrogance that makes these children unbearable. Many have family wealth, however the school offers scholarships to any sporting individual despite their complete inability to meet the required educational standards. This school really does destroy a child's personality and character when it should be aiding development. There are many other fantastic schools nearby namely Caterham School, Charterhouse and City of London Freemans, all of which are a much better option.
Man A 'That's amazing, how did you get so good at giving handjobs and blowjobs?'
Man B 'I went to Whitgift School'
Man A 'ahhh, That makes sense'

Example 2
Man A 'Did you get that job you were applying for?'
Man B 'Nah, i spellded McDonalds Wrongely in the dreams and asperatiuuons sectun'
Man A 'I knew that money was wasted sending you to Whitgift School'
by SchoolreviewDr April 11, 2014
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