A cougar who hangs out in dirty biker bars dancing sexy in front of the stage hoping to pick up one of the players in the nightly 80's rock cover band. Sports a somewhat standard cougar appearance- i.e. bleached out blond hair, orange tan, breast implants- but also has the added 'flair' of a tight pair of stone/acid washed jeans, belly shirt with exposed dolphin navel ring, faded butterfly tramp stamp, 5 year old cell phone strapped to her belt and an ever present pack of Virginia Slims. Usually smells like Jovan Night Musk. Screams out phrases like "Yeah,Baaaaby!" and "You can't handle THIS!" and "Play some Nickleback!" at the band after doing shots of Tequila Rose. Most likely will be found passed out in the bathroom at the end of the night with smeared lipstick and urine and/or vomit on her pants.
"That old drunk lady is less of a cougar and more of a Whitesnake"
by Hey,Zeus! December 15, 2007
Top Definition
1. excellent metal band founded in late 70's by former Deep Purple member David Coverdale.

2. penis
1. "Crank up the Whitesnake, bubba!"

2. "Sit on my whitesnake, sweetcheeks!"
by Joe Bone March 17, 2005
To be cut off durning a sentence by a good friend; ie. Changing the subject quickly
Russell was telling us how much in love he was with Holly when Keith speaks out loudly "How about some of that Whitesnake". Damn, Russell just got "Whitesnaked"
by Russell Pridgen September 26, 2007
The greatest love-rock, cock-rock band on the planet. The songs are so pumping and rocking, yet so soulful and melodic. Whatever mood your in, there will be a Whitesnake song that suits your situation. Plus David Coverdale is the best singer, songwriter and frontman in the world!!
"Whitesnake songs come straight from, and go straight through, the heart. Coverdale rules"
by Mike20070 May 30, 2005
I'm guilty of love...
...in the first degree.
by Fagbot and jessor December 27, 2003
When a woman snorts a line of cocaine off a mans erect penis.
Jeff: Dude, last night was so crazy, Maria did a white snake.

Jim: O man, I have been trying to get linda to do one of those for a long time.
by Mitchell Obama January 20, 2008
a late 80's and early 90's hard rock band.
Whitesnake is the best band in the entire universe.
by Sorceror72 February 27, 2005
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