Whitehaven is a small town on coast in the North West of England, in the county of Cumbria. It has a vast (often marinal) history, expecially in rum smuggling, coal mining, and is famous as the last place in England to be invaded. Every four years, the town holds a Maritime Festival that attracts many tourists to the town for the various festival attractions.
The square layout of Whitehaven has led many historians to believe it to have been the inspiration for the layout of New York City. Also, George Washington's grandmother is reputed to be buried in the centre church of the town.
by Dingo Baby December 04, 2006
Top Definition
Little town by the sea side, situated in Cumbria, In North West England
Whitehaven Martitime festival!
by rootbeerjello June 10, 2006
A small town in cumbria, the residents are known as 'Jam eaters'
You don't want to Whitehaven, its full of jam eaters!
by notajameater October 16, 2011
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