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Ejaculating into the soap dispenser of a dish washer and then turning on the dish washer with a full load of dirty dishes inside.
Jack white washed the dishes since he was out of soap
by J*K* December 10, 2009
Refered to as cum or male ejaculate. To white wash is to show someone in cum.
I white washed that chicks face and titi's.

My white wash ran down that chicks chin.
by T-Bone Nelson September 27, 2008
when you take a bunch of snow in your hands, sneek up behind your friend and rub it all in his face while screaming "WHITE WASH!" over and over again.
i white washed matt yesterday while it was snowing out.
1. A non-white girl that has a desire for males that are white.
2. The want to be a white person; a white wanna-be
1. Man, that bitch is so white washed.
2. Look at that mofo. He's so white washed.
by some random dude March 11, 2005
a boring white person
man that guy is so white wash
by IGGY SCREAM September 02, 2007