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The white trash Ferrari can be traced back to three cars: Mustang, Firebird, and the Camaro.

These cars (at least 10 years old) can be found sitting next to a trailer. They often have NASCAR stickers on them (mostly referencing Dale Earnhardt). Racing stripes are often found a necessity.

The drivers are ALWAYS white. If you see a black man driving one of these cars, it is safe to assume it is stolen - please do not see this as a rip on black men - it is just fact that they would not want to be seen in one of these vehicles unless they were pulling a job. Secondly, these white drivers are mostly of low socioeconomic standing. Third, their education level often peaks out at what their father was capable of teaching them at home. Lastly, these people would rather own a depreciating asset than a home.
by LikeItIs May 25, 2006
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Mustang or Camaro. Driven by mullet-headed trailer park residents like it's the hottest shit since sliced bread.
I hit full boost and smoked that white trash ferrari like it was a finely rolled joint.
by cbass December 19, 2004
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Camaro, Firebird or Mustang that is at least 10 years old. Used to be primarily owned by white trash but now have been mostly acquired by poor, ghetto Mexican and El Salvadorians.
Greased Lightnin? He sold that white trash Ferrari to some spick down in Sun Valley.
by 6 Pounds Soft June 02, 2011
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