Ugly, filthy whore who will chase after anyone, including trying to sleep with her brother-in-law.
Patrisha is a perfect example of white trash because she is bankrupt, has nothing, and marries older, ugly men who have money in order to get their money. Then, they continue to show what white trash they are because they chase after many other men, including their brother-in-law.
by Professor Kaputso February 01, 2015
Low-information Caucasoids who gravitate to a shameful socio-economic status. They can be seen or found at the return merchandise line at Wal-Mart, local recycling centers and at Golden Corral. They drive beat up filthy dirty oil burning cars without mufflers. They are often the subject of car repossession programs on TV as they tend to purchase used cars they can't afford. When they have enough credit to finance a car, they often abuse it to the point that its ruined before they turn 21. White trash women usually birth numerous children in their late teens or early 20's only to dump them on parents or grandparents to raise. Always screwing family and friends out money and then disappearing when it comes time to pay it back. They mistaken tattoo parlors for art museums. Their idea of an intellectual discussion is watching Al Sharpton on MSNBC. They record TV programs like "Full Throttle Saloon" and Jerry Springer and actually believe James Bond is a REAL person. The illiteracy prevails to the point that much of white trash America still believes Obama's campaign slogan of "Hope and Change", and that it applies to them. Lifestyle is known as either an "8 or 10". Meaning, the mobile home they live in is either 8 feet wide, or the more luxurious 10 foot wide version, complete with a litter of pit bull dogs, broken down appliances and a jumbo size velvet painting of Elvis in the living room.
You live in a 10?
Now that's big time white trash livin!
by HubbaDubba February 22, 2014
People who use food stamps to buy groceries even though they are completely capable of making a living for themselves. Instead these people choose to multiply and get paid by the government instead to support a family. The children produced become white trash just like their parents. These children will live off food stamps for their entire life, and when they get to college they will use the pell grant not to pay for school or food or items that are necessary for survival but instead will pay to be apart of trashy fraternities, spend all their money on beer, and hookers. These children probably will not make it through college though because they were born into being white trash and never received a proper education causing them to use made up, disgusting sounding words such as y'all and ain't. Then eventually they will reproduce. It's a vicious trashy cycle!
Look at that house children! You can tell the people living there are white trash because of that old ratty sofa sitting on the front porch and the beer bottles littering the front yard. White trash people are a bigger problem to our society than crack heads! Remember children as long as you do okay in school and are at least a little tiny bit motivated you'll never end up being white trash. Also, you'll never be wasting others tax dollars to support yourself due to overwhelming laziness often caused by they obesity due to too much fried chicken and fried okra. Also, you won't hold up grocery lines when trying to determine what you are allowed to buy at the grocery store with your food stamps.
by fxdasouth April 25, 2011
a low class male or female of limited intelligence who resorts to handling their petty relationship issues publicly in wal-mart.
your boyfriend claims that he's not white trash and yet he insists on fighting me in the middle of the store?
by joelv September 03, 2010
People who are so trashy and that are white.
Yeah she lives in that trailer park.
Oh wow, thats some white trash! :D
by mynameistaylor (: October 13, 2009
White trash doesn't just apply to low income hillbilly families who live in a trailer park, white trash can be found in any neighborhood of any social class. Some perfect examples of white trash are:

Having broken appliances, plumbing fixtures, and/or stripped cars on their front lawn.

Someone who lives in squalor, has garbage piling up all over their house and feces caked into the carpet while having 14 neglected incest kids with adhd running amok.

Being 14 and pregnant and if the kid comes out white, all the possible fathers are related to her.

Has a meth lab and/or meth addiction.

Someone who collects welfare or disability even though the individual is perfectly able bodied.

Someone who is missing most of their teeth before the age of 20 (due to lack of oral hygene, getting into drunken fights, and/or meth use.)

The watchers of and the guests on Jerry Springer, Maury, Steve Wilkos, Dr.Phil, and Judge Judy.

The watchers of American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, Mike and Molly, The big bang theory, 2 and a half men, NASCAR, Keeping up with the Kardashians, The Real housewives of anything, AFV reruns, and Cops also fall into this category.

If you are blood related to your biological parents in more than 1 way, making the "family tree" into the "family stump".

Somebody who has been on Cops.

Miley Cyrus.
Hippies , rednecks, backwoods hicks, emo kids, wiggers, juggalos, hipsters, gamers, and metal heads are other forms of white trash and they usually come from families with white trash backgrounds.

Not everyone who lives in a trailer park is white trash, it is found everywhere. In fact, you can even find white trash living in gated communities. Being white trash is how a person acts and/or what conditions they have themselves living in.
by A WHITE GUY April 27, 2015
People who buy slutty clothing from Goodwill. Usually are named after cars.
"Mercedes is looking extra white trash today."
"Yeah, I saw her and Ferrari go into Goodwill yesterday."
white trash slutty cars goodwill trailer park
by harakers February 22, 2015
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