If you're constantly being bothered or annoyed by a 'white trash' acquaintance, neighbor or relative, and want to get rid of them once and for all - just lend them $20.00.
You'll never see them again.
That $20.00 I loaned to that white trash, low-life Bubba was the best money I ever spent!
by fed up to here December 15, 2006
Someone who thinks they are more than POOR white trash.
That's WHITE TRASH to you!
by Iyai May 12, 2003
n. : Someone with one of the follow charcteristics:
1. Lives in a Trailer
2. Watches NASCAR
3. Listens to Country Music
4. Has less than 4 teeth left
5. Kisses another family member on the mouth
6. Engages in sexual intercourse with family
7. Uses food stamps
8. Goes to cock fights
9. No high school diploma
10. Is offended by Jeff Foxworthy
"Hey bitch, stop peeing on my lawn you piece of white trash!!"
by Flash January 29, 2003
An white idiot see juggalo .
Juggalos are white trash idiots.
by Steve8282 August 09, 2004
Raelene (from Carmichael, CA)
Raelene is a boat whore and white trash.
by jaydawg June 16, 2004
girls who live out on main street and cant stay off the corners...they cant wait to get their next cig and talk about every body else and dont kno how to shut up!
Those white trash girls best keep thier mouths shut
by outta here April 16, 2004
A white nigger -- a White person who is poor, ignoant, lazy, usually on some kind of welfare, likely has had some issues with the law and may live in a trailer
Matt: You see Amanda is dating another nigger now?

Kevin: What a piece of white trash
by Dewar Boyd August 08, 2012

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