A word used a little differently by young Asians, particularly North American asians, who refer to it as the surrounding white culture that is foreign to the comforts of Asian ideals and traditions that they inherit from their Asian parents or Asian peers. Such a word stereotypically refers to what trashy white people are into, and in turn, what asian people are very rarely, if not never, into. This may include skateboarding, driving a pick-up truck, being punk and listening to heavy metal (with black nail polish and chains and doing that hand sign that they do at rock concerts), wearing airwalks, academic incompetence (particularly mathematics), low hygiene, arrogance/lack of manners, laughing at stupid things like a bunch of jackasses over something that is extremely rude in actuality (such as seeing who can burp the loudest), an asian that has an excessive amount of white friends, etc.

Sociological dynamics play an important role within the frequency of the word's usage as it varies depending on what each Asian individual observes, the amount he/she can personally tolerate and ultimately perceive as white culture that is foreign to the comforts of his/her asian cultural values, otherwise ultimately known as white trash.

This is sometimes used in a fun conversation held by Asian friends, without much seriousness and just a little humour, such as poking fun at how almost only white people skateboard and prefer pick-up GMC vehicles. It can as well be used in the form of hatred, more towards those who are rude. This definition is therefore by no means in any form a way to lash at all white people, because many of them are clean, have good hygiene, extremely good manners and are soft-spoken. =)

Turn down that heavy shit man, slipknot or whatever the f*ck you're listening to, i can't stand that white trash.

by n_o_b_o_d_y April 18, 2006
Someone who drives a pickup truck , likes Paris Hilton , drinks 'Billy Beer' and elects guys named 'Bubba' president.
Bill 'Bubba' Clinton is such a piece of white trash , even his library looks like a trailer.
by SMOKE A PHAT ONE November 02, 2005
Marie Chase

BettyPink/ BettyBlowTorch/ ILovePinkStars.
by Mandy February 24, 2005
The extreme opposite of asian (yeah now is the time to check out the definition of asian on UD.com)
White trash chick: "Howdy I'm nacked."
Me: "I don't wanna see that."

Asian girl: "Can we hold hands?"
Me: "Dear diary, jackpot baby."
by TheStatesWho? March 22, 2005
One who is very very poor and cant afford to take a shower or buy new clothes.
Mike Mellish is a pice of white trash!
by John Gray March 28, 2003
Sean coombs and Ronnie H
i think they are gay together.....with scottie snow
by Mr. T March 10, 2005
White trash, or as my family calls them, "The Great Unwashed", are not limited to locations such as trailer parks in the Southern United States, or even the United States in general. Wherever there is a large white population, the white trash follows and settles in like a virus. I would wish to add to the list of white trash symptoms:
*Several stolen shopping carts laying in front of a decrepit trailer, house, or apartment.
*Swimming in street clothes. *Membership to organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan.
*Engaging in loud arguments with relatives while at the supermarket, wal mart, or any other public place.
*Hanging around outside your old high school for years after graduating/dropping out.
*Taunting passers-by from the front porch or car.
*Getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant at a young age. (The Great Unwashed actually have twice as many generations as the rest of the population. For example, the generation gap for most decent human beings tend to be a span of about 30 years. The white trash generation gap is usually 15. Thus, a white trash mother and her crotch-fruit could both be members of the same "normal" generation , baby boomers, gen x, gen y, if not very close.) BUt I digress...
*Riding in a car with one or both feet out the window.
*Stealing the most random objects off someone's lawn.
*Driving a car with Tazmanian Devil or Yosemite Sam mud flaps.
*Using welfare money that really should be used to feed the kids and pay the bills/rent to instead get a giant TV from rent-a-center and buy drugs/alcahol.
*Not everyone who shops at thrift stores are white trash, but their presence is heavy.
*Appearing on Jerry Springer, Montel, or Cops.
I would add some links to some white trash on myspace, but I don't think I'm allowed to do that.

White trash myspace profiles are easy to spot because they are cluttered with glitzy graphics, questionares that nobody reads, and other bullshit.

They take about 10-15 years to load because of this. By then they will be grandparents.
by Slig77 January 08, 2008

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