Men and women from the lower socio-economic class. The men tend to wear Wrangler or Rustler jeans, Fruit of the Loom A-shirts (wife beaters) and cowboy boots. Women wear denim shorts and revealing tops. Their boys are generally shirtless and their girls dress like their moms. Most of the men are uncircumcised (a cultural thing) and the women are overweight. Most of the families (but not all) live in trailers. They're good folks, overall. God bless 'em.
That Cope-dippin', Rustler wearin', shirless dude drinkin' beer on his trailer porch sure is white trash!
by CowboyTom May 17, 2007
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Someone who lives in a trailor, likes antique shows, lives in the southern US, smells of BO, likes TV dinners, shops at WalMart, K-Mart, Aldies or Big Lots, finds all their gifts at the DollarTree, wears stained clothing, probably has a beer belly, has missing teeth, has a harsh southern accent, watchs nascar, is most likely a goober, has hardly any education, listens to country music and likes All you can eat buffets.
"Hideous! Look at that guys shirt!!"
"Ok...pure WHITE TRASH!"
by Rebecca January 01, 2004
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a white, often unintelligent person that lives in a trailer where they waste away their life. They often feel inadequate compared to smart people, so they go kill things for the hell of it. They support things like creationism and George Bush.
That white trash piece of shit is out there shooting squirrels again.
by Peter Steve Paul November 02, 2005
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Only white trash would vote for a nigger.
by Dixie Man 88 February 04, 2010
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White trash is going with your honey in a grocery store, holding hands as you go thru aisles...only to purchase toilet paper and 2 variety of beers.
"Hey baby, we're white trash. Let's go to the store and get some TP and cold ones. I'm feeling a little romantic so let's hold hands as we shop."
by UnknownS February 13, 2007
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A word used a little differently by young Asians, particularly North American asians, who refer to it as the surrounding white culture that is foreign to the comforts of Asian ideals and traditions that they inherit from their Asian parents or Asian peers. Such a word stereotypically refers to what trashy white people are into, and in turn, what asian people are very rarely, if not never, into. This may include skateboarding, driving a pick-up truck, being punk and listening to heavy metal (with black nail polish and chains and doing that hand sign that they do at rock concerts), wearing airwalks, academic incompetence (particularly mathematics), low hygiene, arrogance/lack of manners, laughing at stupid things like a bunch of jackasses over something that is extremely rude in actuality (such as seeing who can burp the loudest), an asian that has an excessive amount of white friends, etc.

Sociological dynamics play an important role within the frequency of the word's usage as it varies depending on what each Asian individual observes, the amount he/she can personally tolerate and ultimately perceive as white culture that is foreign to the comforts of his/her asian cultural values, otherwise ultimately known as white trash.

This is sometimes used in a fun conversation held by Asian friends, without much seriousness and just a little humour, such as poking fun at how almost only white people skateboard and prefer pick-up GMC vehicles. It can as well be used in the form of hatred, more towards those who are rude. This definition is therefore by no means in any form a way to lash at all white people, because many of them are clean, have good hygiene, extremely good manners and are soft-spoken. =)

Turn down that heavy shit man, slipknot or whatever the f*ck you're listening to, i can't stand that white trash.

by n_o_b_o_d_y April 18, 2006
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1. Brittany Spears
2. Paris Hilton
3. Nicole Ricci
4. people who appear on Jerry Springer
5. poor white people who are ignornant of birth control by having dozens of kids when they can't afford to have them. Their kids end up going shoeless, shirtless and diaperless. And the mother keeps getting knocked up and the father is ignorant of condoms.
6. Anybody who works at Walmart
7. Anybody who shops at Walmart
8. Most people in the South
9. skinheads
10. anybody who lives in a trailer
Whitetrash is the only natural resource this country will never run out of.
by krock1dk October 19, 2007
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