Dirty, disgusting white people that don't shower, watch NASCAR, live in a trailer, live in the south, and/or have gross mullets.
My parents said that they were going to move to another town, but they didn't cuz it was way too white trash.
by I<3 New York July 30, 2005
lower class honkies who live in trailer homes and beat eachother up.
Billy-joe has 3 missing teeth, lives in a trailer home with a wife who cannot keep her legs shut - therefore billy-joe and his wife are 'white-trash'
by Sniper December 10, 2003
anybody who even remotely for any reason, either real or imagined, reminds you any of the above mentioned or followed descriptions.

you: "you are so white trash"
white trash: "i am whatever you say i am"

see the movie joe dirt.
and remember, "life is a garden, dig it"
by Chloe Sprite November 22, 2007
People who think if you are hispanc, you're from mexico and if you're middle eastern you're arabic.
A)Look at dustin Gill hes such white trash, hes stupid and his parents are crackhead
B) what a white cracker
by Mr. Mike E October 26, 2007
White trash is going with your honey in a grocery store, holding hands as you go thru aisles...only to purchase toilet paper and 2 variety of beers.
"Hey baby, we're white trash. Let's go to the store and get some TP and cold ones. I'm feeling a little romantic so let's hold hands as we shop."
by UnknownS February 13, 2007
brian is white trash he smells, his shirts are torn and stained, he never wears black because hes afraid he will be called a goth, hes racist, anti-semetic and loves George W. Bush, he is fat ugly and can never get a girlfriend but the beer at his house runs like water, its always in, fat bastard HE DENYS HES WHITE TRASH BUT IN FACT HES THE WHITEST PIECE OF TRASH EVER!
Brian is a fat piece of white trash.
by fatpeoplesuck October 14, 2004
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