Uneducated and slow witted people who lack social graces and proper hygene. When they come in the "Northern" variety they usually inhabit bleak industrial neighbourhoods of rust belt cities like Cleveland, Detroit, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Toledo, Youngstown, and Flint. A common denominater amongst many from this class is a lack of a high school diploma, resentment toward local law enforcement, bitter feuds with their neighbours, lack of self respect, a love of cigarette smoking, a proclivity toward alcohol and drug abuse, a beligerant attitude, a need to use foul language, and an absolut abhorance of soap or cleanliness of any kind. Sometimes these people will work menial jobs, particularly in the fast food industry for women, and low end unskilled mechanical or construction jobs for the men. More often than not though many are either out on State compensation for "bad backs" or some form of government welfare. Automobiles of choice are usually low-end domestic varieties of at least ten years of age. Quite often certain mechanical defects are apparent such as dragging mufflers, bashed in front-ends, dangling rear bumpers wired to the frame, and of course, rust, rust, and more rust. More often than not, many from this class have had their driving privledges revoked due to alcohol issues, so battered old bicycles are always in fashion. Indeed, in many of the high streets where such people predominate, one will often be reminded of Beishing, China because of so many middle-aged men tooling along the streets on bicycles. Mulletts, once popular with the white trash of the rust belt have now given way to buzz-cuts and goatees as so many middle class men and women are now sporting longer hair styles. Of course, the white tee shirt and K-Mart jeans are still considered haute coiture. WWF Wrestling is still a big draw for many of these people and many are also rabid NFL fans as they are sometimes some of the biggest supporters of their beloved "Bills," Browns," "Lions," and "Steelers." Their tastes in music usually runs along the line of heavy metal for the young and top 40 for the adults. "Southern" white trash are a completely different kettle of fish. Since so many of the previous writers dwelled exclusively on their habits, I won't go any further, but suffice it to say they are more rural in their backgrounds and their tastes.
A white trash Beavis and Butthead all grown up.
by Gasz-man May 25, 2006
a no good pile of shit redneck who slithers like a snake when drunk or high, but can be fun to hang out with... see salad tosser or dumb ass. most likely to be found in a trailer park, or near one. watch the movie "drop dead gorgeous"... you'll find plenty!
Ryan, the white trash on st. rose ave, slithers like a snake back home.
by - - kelly - - March 01, 2004
white trash is people who dont care dont shave and dress how they want
they dont dress up fur nuthin and they have atleast one broke down car or truck
in their yard and damn it thats me
mickey lee scrooggins jr and any body that dont give a shit
by mickey scroggins January 24, 2004
Blondes (real or dyed) with tramp stamps who cannot go without sex for even a week. The women are always in a relationship or screwing around on their man. Couldn't live by themselves for even five minutes. Often have pot-bellies. Wear jean shorts which leave nothing to the imagination (a good thing ;-) Always have numerous kids running around, and they're always in trouble.

The men are into action flicks, cars, football, and screwing. That's about it.

An absolute requirement is loving George W. Bush. Another requirement is considering themselves born-again Christians, despite constant bad behavior, because they believe they will be forgiven for all their sins eventually, so why not have fun now?
white trash - can't live without a man or sex
by TNF September 27, 2006
house is hooked to a truck or has the ability to be hooked to a truck.
Hot damn betha a tornado warning, time to move again. (billy bob starts the truck and the house rolls down the road)
by Nastynate June 12, 2003
Men and women from the lower socio-economic class. The men tend to wear Wrangler or Rustler jeans, Fruit of the Loom A-shirts (wife beaters) and cowboy boots. Women wear denim shorts and revealing tops. Their boys are generally shirtless and their girls dress like their moms. Most of the men are uncircumcised (a cultural thing) and the women are overweight. Most of the families (but not all) live in trailers. They're good folks, overall. God bless 'em.
That Cope-dippin', Rustler wearin', shirless dude drinkin' beer on his trailer porch sure is white trash!
by CowboyTom May 17, 2007
Stupid white people who may love guns, explosives (particularly when applied to a pond or lake so they can kill all the fish instantly), beer (and lots of it), cigarettes, methanphetamines, ATVs, Country Western music, Classic Rock, 80's\90's Heavy Metal for the younger set, and bands like Nickleback, Limp Bizkit, and Insane Clown Posse for the even younger set.
They tend to be the biggest conformists, particularly in the USA, and will buy the largest vehicles they can afford (anything extended cab, and if possible, a hummer).
They may live in the Country (including suburbia and exurbia), in a tiny hamlet, in a village, in a town, in a city, a metropolis, or a suburb.
Most live in metropolitan areas, where the jobs are located (although many are on welfare or earn a living through the illegal narcotics trade.
White trash have a tendency to breed like rabbits.
White trash aren't always poor, and make unwise decisions for the sake of instant gratification (see below).
White trash aren't always poor, and this becomes a huge problem when they get into alot of money. Examples of this are when they build a new ranch house (often a log "home" <see log home>) every 2 years on another 4+ acre lot, where they have cleared away all the trees. And many have 2 or more large dogs running around their house and property, and therefore get a wood floor installed all over their house for the dogs to piss on, shit on, and otherwise tear up (not an endless resource). Needless to say, they could care less about the environment. They aren't much for historic preservation either.
with over 300 million people living in the USA now 400 million not far away, Gaia help us.
by Miskatonic Jack 2 December 10, 2006
a caucasian who displays a poor upbringing by exhibiting various behaviors.
Including promiscuity, criminal behavior, lack of anger management or a work ethic, worthlessness, drug use, explicit sexual behavior and embodies pornography and hardcore inner city life. A white person who does not benefit the world and when dies the world wont miss them, and is a potential danger to others due to his careless, worthless and dangerous lifestyle in the name of sexuality, demeanor, tastes, potentially hurting other peoples lives by their influence and lack of regard for property or others.

hes such white trash, hes 23 and on PROBATION and has a kid by a 16 year old girl and just cheated on her with a stripper and tried to evade child support u kno where hes goin!!

by deandrew October 12, 2006

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