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A small city located near the US boarder on the lower mainland of Bristish Columbia. Although White Rock ends at 16th Ave. South Surrey is basically the same place up to South Point. White Rock is known for its rich appearance and is "safe" from Surrey. There's hardly any black or brown people in White Rock (other than those working on construction sites) but there is a large Korean population. White Rock is named white rock because there's a large white rock on the beach which has been tagged by nearly every person in the city.
Daily White Rock kid conversation -
Kid 1 "dude, everythings closed at 11. What should we do?"
Kid 2 "Smoke gak?"
by Nahunni June 19, 2006
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A city located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Known for its famous beach and pier. Many restaurants line the strip.
White Rock is a beautiful summer spot
by bgunz April 30, 2006

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