A male that is of caucasion background who is a success in a different races musical culture and in SOME instances better!
Have you ever seen a white rapper so good?
by LAZY J March 17, 2006
Rapper who is white. Frowned upon by everyone other than rednecks. Much like NAMBLA in that respect.
"huh me like that white rapper eminem, thats the dumbest idea ever. I'm more likely to join the North American Man Boy Love Association."
by BenM April 30, 2006
Many people say the white rapper is ruining music, to some point they rae telling the truth. The most well-known white rapper is Eminmem and he has ruined rap music by releasin a series of novelty should-be one hit wonder songs.
Here is a list of the most talented white rappers there is, they are not ruining hip hop but only opening a new door:
2.Slug (Atmosphere frontman)
3.Brother Ali
4.Classified (Canadian)
6.Mr.Eon (high & mighty)
7.Sage Francis
8.Braille Brizzy
10.Mos Eisley(from Sweatshop Union)

I know I probably missed a ton of great white rappers but i did this off the top of my head.
Honourable Mentions:Mad Child, conscience, el-p, spesh k.

For the record Fat Joe is not white,and moka only is not white (thats why is name is moka) check outwhite rapper to see what i mean.
by Mos Def And Kweli are Blackstar August 22, 2005
a white person who acts stereotypically black, especially in a non-authentic way; a wigger
Ever since Jim traded in punk for hip-hop he's become such a white rapper.
by nickfromhartford March 10, 2007
naturally bad at rapping ( although there are some exceptions i.e. Eminem )
Haha you freestyling like a bunch of white rappers!
by snorgle November 18, 2003
a very hard thing to succeed in because most white people can't rap only a few of these rappers that are white succeed, Eminem,Fat Joe, the list goes on both of these rappers are very good
Check out my defintions of eminem-Fat Joe-Uncle-ronnie-Ronnie-detriot side of 8-mile
by JayKay February 24, 2005

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