A race who are too stereotypical to live

We should kill them all
Jk but seriously
I hate (stereotypical) white people
by Fut yea March 31, 2016
White people have a lot of hate coming towards them.

For example:
• people accuse them for being racist, but most white people are in fact not racist. If you assume someone is racist just b/c they are white, then you are being racist.
• people saying they have ki culture. All white people have backgrounds. For example, I'm white and my grandparents were Native American.

• people saying white people cant do certain things as well b/c they are white. Like when people say white people "can't dance." What makes black people have the choice to decide what's good dancing and what's not. Maybe we can't dabb as well as you can but when was sneezing motions dancing? Well black people seem to think it is.
• accusing white people of crimes their ancestors did. Sure, white people were slave owners. Guess who sold the slaves to them? People of their own kind.

• saying white people are more crazy. Yep. Cuz all white people are just as crazy as those who put those labels on them.
I pretty much said it all.

White people are also judged in various ways. I'm not saying everyone of another race judges white people, I'm just saying nobody recognizes it when people do.
by Jade speaks April 29, 2016
Not really a race. Basically anyone that is of european descent (swedish, german, french, etc) except Italians. They actually get to identify with their specific race. The over-generalization of a group of people. People love to say their ancestors were violent which only applies to some white people.
All germans are white but not all white people are germans.
by mrsawesome22 September 23, 2015
People who are constantly reminded that they need to feel guilty for existing because a small number of elite white people were assholes and treated everyone (including other white people) like animals and made a lot of money
White people are people like everyone else.
by jappyblah November 23, 2015
People who have lighter skin color
A white person just robbed that bank
A group of white people just saved my child from being hit by a car
by Boolin October 30, 2015
'White people" is a misnomer, just like black, red or yellow people. These terms are inherently divisive and give the impression that there is a collective experience for people based on the color of their skin. "White people" are people with many different ethnic backgrounds and histories, from Ireland to the Balkans to Central Asia. Anyone who presumes to indict or praise a "race", (another misnomer), of people or a collective group of people with the same color of skin is inherently racist and ignorant of basic human dynamics. "White people" are not an exception, yet it's popular right now to say "white people" are guilty of this or that. Ironically, this is ignorant and racist.
White people can be good people or bad people, like any other people.
by Burdenoftruth January 23, 2016
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