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easy to roll blunts and are cheap
yo go to the store and get 2 white owls. crack that white owl. roll that owl up
by no no November 01, 2003
The greater of all choices to roll a blunt. The only blunt that doesnt make your bud taste horrible. Requires skill to roll. Method Man's preference to smoke his skunk.
I got, fat bags of skunk
I got, White Owl blunts
And I'm about to go get lifted

-method man
by thatcoolkid August 14, 2005
When you are having sexual intercourse with a female (doggy style). When you feel you are about to ejaculate you turn the lights (or they could just be off already)then you wip out your dick and run around the room hooting ie. hoot hoot hoot and you bust in her face and turn the lights on and say oh my owl must have got out.
My friend pete pulled the whiteowl on his main bitch.
by jack mehooff August 07, 2007
roll the blunts fat as hell with a white owl
i wanna smoke a blunt crack that white owl
by bill February 05, 2003
Slang definition of penis, possibly north-east English (Geordie) origin.
I first read this phrase in Viz comic, the adult comic book from Newcastle, England.
One of Sid The Sexist's chat-up lines was "I'll binge on your minge if you smoke the white owl".
by Feebster69 August 29, 2006
cheap-ass flavored cigars used to roll mah weed in. Other such blunts are called pillies. U can also use zig-zags (u prob heard it in beginning of eminems the way i am) to roll but they are not cigars...just rolling paper. White owls are flavored and come in a dildo-shaped tube wit a cap so after rolling u can put it in for safe keeping. (very practical)
mark-I got dat silver haze man
john-word? i just bought a rollie so we good
mark-wat kinda rollie u get
mark-*mark kills john* u stupid asswipe u kno i only roll wit strawberry white owls!

tami-do u realli think they put baccy in these white owls
becca-dunno shits so cheap probably generic wood chips or summin
tami-the fuck u just say
becca-dunno one min was i just talking
tami-hahehehahhaha ur sooo high right now
by prince ingus March 24, 2005
A euphemism for a tampon, since the wrapper resembles a White Owl cigar
Sue: Gary, can you grab me some tampons at the Drug Store?

Gary: Jesus christ! Why dont you stockpile a few months worth of White Owls. You know you are going to bleed from the gash every 30 days, why the hell don't you ever have any on hand?
by 4sail September 08, 2006
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