A Whiteout is a person who has large gums, and is always showing them off because she is so glad that she can kiss certains peoples asses, that she is always showing her teef
"man what a bitch"
"yah she is a complete Whiteout"
by aunt March 13, 2008
1. kool stuff that makes shit go away
2. a good tool wen u draw a penis on a paper and u need to get rid of it
1) redneck: tat whiteout ove' there really made ma shit go away
other guy: yep it did

2) me: oh shit i drew a big fat penis on my final
friend:holy fuk rago thats a big penis better use whiteout
by steven rago May 21, 2007
The act of a massive circle jerk after a US victory, resulting in the ejacualtion of sperm onto eachothers shirts
.a long tradition uphelp by US
"guys are we gonna have a white out on our fri?" "is that even a question, i need to blow my load on a dude!"
by blueballsack December 15, 2008
A Sniff drug That is most exelent snifige dawgg.
Sniff this shit Dillon!
by Aj April 28, 2003
Derogatory term for caucasian Americans. See also blizzard and cracker.
Waiter 1: Hey, I need another special since this one has a hair in it.

Cook: Gabacho.

Waiter 2: Quit talking, white out!
by eminem November 06, 2004

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