A word or sequence that causes the activation of Google Instant's filter, so named because the list of instant search results are replaced by a blank screen.
Words like slut, boob, and sexy activate Google's filter and whiteout the results.
by ProximaCentauri September 08, 2010
The act of getting so completely fucked up on alcohol that you can't function like a normal human being for the next 3-5 days.
Man I was having a good time over the weekend until I had a whiteout.
by Nbadrb August 26, 2009
when performing doggie style, you releave a puss fill zit on your partners ass,resulting in the their deception of ejaculation, upon your partner looking back, you ejaculate in their face.
tom, you should have seen the white out i gave my old lady last night.
by longjon silver April 24, 2009
To ejaculate in someones eye so they can only see white.
I told her "swallow or its going in your eye" She stopped so I gave her a whiteout.
by Trea G. November 30, 2007
A brief moment of absent-mindedness, forgetfulness, or oddness associated with being a member of the White Ajah.
"I can't remember her name. I'm having a White Out."
by Aeryth July 31, 2006
A Whiteout is a person who has large gums, and is always showing them off because she is so glad that she can kiss certains peoples asses, that she is always showing her teef
"man what a bitch"
"yah she is a complete Whiteout"
by aunt March 13, 2008
1. kool stuff that makes shit go away
2. a good tool wen u draw a penis on a paper and u need to get rid of it
1) redneck: tat whiteout ove' there really made ma shit go away
other guy: yep it did

2) me: oh shit i drew a big fat penis on my final
friend:holy fuk rago thats a big penis better use whiteout
by steven rago May 21, 2007

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