A really fine white girl!!! One that is totally hot. Just ask any white man who has worked hard all his life to achieve success then "blows it" because of such a girl. Or leaves his wife for one. Just because the para-phrase Black Man's Kryptonite became popular after a latecoming movie "Undercover Brother" doesn't mean that the original phrase hasn't been around for years. Asian men, Black men, Superman and men around the world do not corner the market, nor are immune to this form of "kryptonite"!!!
Did you see all of the "White Man's Kryptonite" on the Bikini Open Show last night??
by BRS 1 April 25, 2007
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Top Definition
A really cute asian girl.

Relative to the term black man's kryptonite; made popular by the movie Undercover Brother.
"I went to Las Vegas this week and there was so much White Man's Kryptonite there I nearly lost my sh*t!"

"Cute asian girls make me come undone, they're White Man's Kryptonite!"
by Riko May 06, 2005

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